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The Solaris Performance Wiki is a community to provide a go-to reference for the key information related to Solaris Performance. Here we aim to provide a top level index to the essential performance information, by either linking to existing references (blogs etc...) and providing original documentation where necessary. Please update the WishList with items you want to see on the Wiki.


Zones + Docker (Robert Milkowski's blog)

    (Fri January 30 2015) Bryan Cantrill on SmartOS + Docker. Docker and the Future of Containers in Production from bcantrill ...

SPARC M7 (Robert Milkowski's blog)

    (Fri January 30 2015) I'm a proud owner of the fastest CPU in the world! ...

ZFS: Persistent L2ARC (Robert Milkowski's blog)

    (Fri January 16 2015) Recently Oracle integrated persistent L2ARC in ZFS and this is currently available in the ZFS-SA. It is not yet in Solaris 11 but it should be coming soon. Finally!To make the very good news even bett...

Docker on SmartOS (Robert Milkowski's blog)

    (Fri January 9 2015) Bryan blogged about running Linux Docker containers on SmartOS. Really cool. Now I would love to see something similar in Solaris 11......

Packt $5 eBook Bonanza! (Leal's blog)

    (Mon December 22 2014) Hi there! No time, no see… but I’m back for a good reason! Packt publishing released its SUPER PROMO: $5 E-Book Bonanza! This means that you can buy many titles about many topics for just ...

Registration for Solaris Tech Day on January 13th 2015 in Cologne online (

    (Mon December 15 2014) The registration for the "Oracle Solaris TechDay: Sharing Experiences, Engineering Insights and Outlook"-Event is now online. So you can now register for the event. I think it's really interesting in ...

ZFS: RAID-Z Resilvering (Robert Milkowski's blog)

    (Fri December 12 2014) Solaris 11.2 introduced a new ZFS pool version: 35 Sequential resilver.The new feature is supposed to make disk resilvering (disk replacement, hot-spare synchronization, etc.) much faster. It achieves...

Agenda for Solaris Tech Day in Cologne on January 13th, 2015 (

    (Fri December 12 2014) I still don't have the registration page for the Solaris Tech Day in Cologne, but my colleague Franz Haberhauer already put the agenda online for the event in the "Solarium Blog", that takes place in ...

Event accouncement - Solaris Tech Day in Cologne on January 13th, 2015 (

    (Wed December 3 2014) On January 13th, 2015 (yeah, it's really that late in this year that we are talking about schedules in the next year ... time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana) there will be an Solaris T...

Roch Bourbonnais about Performance Improvements to ZFS. (

    (Wed December 3 2014) Roch Bourbonnais started a series of blog articles about changes to ZFS in oder to improve performance with his article "ZFS Performance boosts since 2010". He published a first article out of this se...

IPS with CVE numbers (

    (Mon December 1 2014) A few days ago, Darren Moffat wrote an interesting article about the inclusion of CVE numbers in the IPS packages. You can read the article here. I just want to give a short example by citing Darren....


Discussions about these Solaris Performance topics are held via the OpenSolaris Web Site.


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