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About the Wiki

The Solaris Performance Wiki is a community to provide a go-to reference for the key information related to Solaris Performance. Here we aim to provide a top level index to the essential performance information, by either linking to existing references (blogs etc...) and providing original documentation where necessary. Please update the WishList with items you want to see on the Wiki.


Dear Headhunters ... (

    (Wed January 27 2016) But at first: Dear Readers, this article is not for you, it's a text i link in my social network profiles in order to explain some stuff to head hunters. So you can safely ignore it. Kind regards J...

Unikernels are unfit for production (The Observation Deck)

    (Fri January 22 2016) Recently, I made the mistake of rhetorically asking if I needed to spell out why unikernels are unfit for production. The response was overwhelming: whether people feel that unikernels are wrong-hea...

Stepping Down (/dev/dump)

    (Wed January 6 2016) (Quick reminder that this blog represents my own opinion, and not necessarily that of any open source project or employer.)For nearly a year, I've been primary maintainer of nanomsg, a library of comm...

Bringing clarity to containers (The Observation Deck)

    (Thu December 17 2015) At the beginning of the year, I laid down a few predictions. While I refuse on principle to engage in Stephen O’Grady-style self-flagellation, I do think it’s worth revisiting the headlin...

What Microsoft Can Do to Make Me Hate Windows a Little Less (/dev/dump)

    (Fri December 11 2015) Those who know me know that I have little love for Microsoft Windows.  The platform is a special snowflake, and coming from a Unix background (real UNIX, not Linux, btw), every time I'm faced wit...


Discussions about these Solaris Performance topics are held via the OpenSolaris Web Site.


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