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The Solaris Performance Wiki is a community to provide a go-to reference for the key information related to Solaris Performance. Here we aim to provide a top level index to the essential performance information, by either linking to existing references (blogs etc...) and providing original documentation where necessary. Please update the WishList with items you want to see on the Wiki.


Event accouncement - Oracle Business Breakfast am 26. Juni 2015 in München - "Service Managment Facility" (

    (Wed May 27 2015) As this event is in Germany and in german language, i will proceed in the respective language: Am 26. Juni 2015 findet in München ein Business Breakfast statt. Das Thema ist eine Einführung in di...

The DTraceToolkit Project Has Ended (The Wall)

    (Fri May 15 2015) Ten years ago on this day I created the DTraceToolkit, and it's time to call the project ended. Its scripts live on in different operating systems: OS X, FreeBSD, Oracle Solaris 11, and other Solaris ...

Mobile first, Cloud first? (Leal's blog)

    (Wed May 13 2015) Hi there! Oh Gosh, it’s really, really cool to be able to write a few words on this space again! I’m very excited to continue the path I choose of helping companies of all sizes to embrace...


Discussions about these Solaris Performance topics are held via the OpenSolaris Web Site.


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