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The Solaris Performance Wiki is a community to provide a go-to reference for the key information related to Solaris Performance. Here we aim to provide a top level index to the essential performance information, by either linking to existing references (blogs etc...) and providing original documentation where necessary. Please update the WishList with items you want to see on the Wiki.


The DTraceToolkit Project Has Ended (The Wall)

    (Fri May 15 2015) Ten years ago on this day I created the DTraceToolkit, and it's time to call the project ended. Its scripts live on in different operating systems: OS X, FreeBSD, Oracle Solaris 11, and other Solaris ...

Mobile first, Cloud first? (Leal's blog)

    (Wed May 13 2015) Hi there! Oh Gosh, it’s really, really cool to be able to write a few words on this space again! I’m very excited to continue the path I choose of helping companies of all sizes to embrace...

MacOS X 10.10.3 Update is *TOXIC* (/dev/dump)

    (Sat May 2 2015) As a PSA (public service announcement), I'm reporting here that updating your Yosemite system to 10.10.3 is incredibly toxic if you use WiFi.I've seen other reports of this, and I've experienced it my...

ZFS L2ARC - Recent Changes in Solaris 11 (Robert Milkowski's blog)

    (Tue April 28 2015) There is an excellent blog entry with more details on recent changes to ZFS L2ARC in Solaris 11....

vtprint - blast from the past (/dev/dump)

    (Tue April 14 2015) I recently decided to have a look back at some old stuff I wrote.  Blast from the past stuff.  One of the things I decided to look at was the very first open source program I wrote -- s...

Triton: Better Docker (Robert Milkowski's blog)

    (Thu March 26 2015) Bryan on Triton....

Oracle Business Breakfast "Netzwerktechnik" am 27.3. findet nicht statt. (

    (Thu March 26 2015) Wir haben den Gästen, die sich angemeldet haben, die Nachricht schon vorgestern geschickt, aber hier noch mal für alle, die morgen einfach hätten vorbeischauen wollen: Die Urlaubs- und Krankheitssi...

Triton: Docker and the ?best of all worlds? (The Observation Deck)

    (Tue March 24 2015) When Docker first rocketed into the nerdosphere in 2013, some wondered how we at Joyent felt about its popularity. Having run OS containers in multi-tenant production for nearly a decade (and being o...

Physical Locations of PCI SSDs (Robert Milkowski's blog)

    (Mon March 23 2015) The latest update to Solaris 11 (SRU has a new feature - it can identify physical locations of F40 and F80 PCI SSDs cards - it registers them under the Topology Framework.Here is an exampl...


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