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[edit] DTrace Topics: X

This article is about analyzing X Window System applications using DTrace, and is part of the DTrace Topics collection. A general understanding of DTrace is assumed knowledge, which can be studied from the DTrace Topics: Intro section.

DTrace is a dynamic troubleshooting and analysis tool first introduced in the Solaris 10 and OpenSolaris operating systems.

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Audience X programmers, senior sysadmins

[edit] Xserver Provider

A set of User-Level Statically Defined Tracing probes have been placed in the Solaris X servers, including both Xsun and Xorg, starting in Solaris 10 Update 4, and Solaris Nevada build 51. Patches for older Solaris 10 releases will be available in the future as well.

The Xorg probe points have also been integrated into the X.Org Foundation community release for the Xorg server 1.4 included in X11R7.3. Source code patches for older X.Org community releases are available at http://people.freedesktop.org/~alanc/dtrace/ .

The current set of probes allow observing the interaction between X clients (user applications) and the X server (the master process controlling access from the clients to the system devices, such as the video card, keyboard, and mouse). There are probes for clients connecting and disconnecting, for clients sending requests to the X server to perform a task, and for the X server informing clients of events that have happened, such as user input.

Documentation for the probes is made available at http://people.freedesktop.org/~alanc/dtrace/ , along with sample scripts showing their usage.

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